Bible Lessons

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Rahab, a Woman of Faith – Joshua 2, 6 – the only family saving during the battle of Jericho
Four Things to Believe – Basic things from the Bible to believe as Christians.
Rest for your Souls – Jesus knowing our form directs us to rest in Him.
Much More Treasures – “much more” highlights several key truths from Romans 5
Good Cheer in a Storm – Paul encouraged those with him in a storm on the sea, Acts 27
Seven Signs by Jesus in John – These 7 miracles are recorded by John to demonstrate the powers of Jesus.
The Blood – A deep study on the physical and spritual aspects of blood along with science facts.
Vine, Husbandman and Branches – John 15 teaches how to relate to Christ and the Father. Abiding in the vine gives strength.
Water to New Wine – Jesus honors marriage and the wedding celebration in John 2 with His first miracle.
10 Secrets of the Kingdom РTen laws of the Kingdom of God with supporting scripture verses 
Blessed Brake Gave – Jesus demonstrated a sequence of miracles when He feed the 5000 with a small amount of food.
The Bread and the Cup – Jesus taught the truths from the Passover are renewed in the last supper and communion.
Called Developed Equipped – God prepared His workers in His kingdom by calling, develooing, and equipping them for their position.
Deny Self – A detailed study of the truths in Matthew 16:24 and commanded actions (come, deny, take, and follow).
Finders of Joy – the joy was enjoyed by three different people who had lost something Luke 15
Foundations of Living – A foundation is critical for growth and stability in buildings and people.
Gideon’s Success – Following the steps by Gideon, indivduals and the church can move toward success.
Jesus is Coming Again – Nine activities that we should be busy about while waiting for Christ’s return.
Lively Stones – As stones very prepared for the temple, we are valuable, chosen and prepared by our God.

Nail in a Holy Place – where we get our security

One-on-One with Jesus – individuals who personal conversation with the Christ

Romans 5 Study – verse by verse commentary of the “Much More” chapter in Romans

Spiritual Blessings – description of the “all spiritual blessings”¬† in Ephesians 1

The Blind See – a man born blind is healed and sees the Christ – John 9

The King is Promised – Isaiah’s view of Christ, the coming King

Babes, Stones, and Priests – How does the Bible describe Christians? 1 Peter 2.

Clearing the Temple – Why did Jesus clear the temple of sellers and money-changers?

Zacchaeus – What was special about this short man in Jericho?

Nobleman’s Faith – The noble man whose son was sick presents several types of faith.

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