Annotated Bible

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These PDF files consist of the full KJV text with:

1) book and chapter summaries,

2) paragraph titles and parallel references,

3) italized personal notes/teaching points after the verses, and

4) scripture cross references.

[The numbers below indicate the book’s order in the Bible.]

01  GENESIS Annotated – the beginnings of the world, man, covenants, Abraham, and the nation of Israel.

06  JOSHUA Annotated – Joshua, a leader and a general, brings the children of Israel into the promised land. From crossing the Jordan River, to the Jericho victory, to his final words, Joshua encourages their faith in the Lord.

08  RUTH Annotated – Ruth and her kinsman redeemer, Boaz, are symbols and shadows of the lost sinner and Jesus the Redeemer of all mankind. A short book with an eternal truth.

09  1 SAMUEL Annotated – includes the life and deaths of the best judge, Samuel, and Saul, the first king. David rises from shepherd to warrier, and on to the new king.

10  2 SAMUEL Annotated – King David shows his grasp and understanding of Grace in his failures, Absalom’s rebellion, and dealings with friends and enemies.

40  MATTHEW Annotated – written for the Hebrew Christians, Jesus fulfilled many prophecies of the promised Messiah.

41  MARK Annotated – written first, this gospel shows the servanthood of Jesus and is a book of “immediate” actions to obey the Father and meet the needs of suffering people.

42  LUKE Annotated – written for the Greek culture, emphasing the humanity of Jesus,  includes extra details about the women, children and people interacting with Jesus.

43  JOHN Annotated  – the Word and Light of the gospel. John chooses Seven Signs (miracles) to demonstrate the Seven “I AM’s” statements of Jesus. Love is predominate in the book written by “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”

44  ACTS Annotated – written by Luke to document the spread and growth of the early church and the missionary journeys of Paul

45  ROMANS Annotated Righteousness by faith and freedom from the law under the new covenant of grace.

48  GALATIANS Annotated – each Christian must choose between son or slave, grace or law, fruit of the Spirit or works of the law. The grace gospel should not be poluted by the demand of even some of the law.

49  EPHESIANS Annotated – our identity in Christ and the nine gifts of the spirit by grace and peace. The two halves of ths book instruct how to live in the spiritual and how to live with others.

50  PHILIPPIANS Annotated – Christian identity and encouragement to rejoice trusting in His promises.

51  COLOSSIANS Annotated – Christ is presented in His supreme being. Christians are encouraged to cast off their “grave” clothes (the old man) and put on their “grace’ clothes (the new man).

58  HEBREWS Annotated – the great comparison of old Law covenant to the new Grace covenant.

59  JAMES Annotated – [Updated] called by many as the Proverbs of the New Testament and parallels the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus. Five “perfects” are presented for the early believers to embrace and grow to maturity.

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